Digital Altimeter and Airspeed Indicators
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 Ad Posted:  Sunday, January 13, 2019
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The Alt-621 and ASP-621 indicators are designed specifically for replacing the analog indicators in pitot-static testers. The sensors are technician-proof, which contributes to reduced annual maintenance costs. The indicators are powered by an external 12 volt DC power adapter (included). Prices: $995.00 USD for 350 knot display $1250.00 USD for 650 knot display ALT-621 (50,000 ft version) $1250.00 USD ALT-621 (35,000 ft version) $995.00 USD

Range for ASP-621-350: 20 350 Knots

Range for ASP-621-650: 20 650 Knots

Resolution: 1 Knot

Price includes operator manual, external power adapter, and calibration certificate.

Other Features:
Leak test feature: 2 minutes, selectable down to 30 seconds
The ALT-621 and ASP-621 indicators can be mounted in any position, at any angle.
Note: The ASP-621 indicators do NOT have the precision required to test RVSM altimeter systems.